Who is Blake Goldring?

A man who has enjoyed success in the financial world for many decades. Blake Goldring is one of the most respected names in the investment world. Not only is Blake Goldring Toronto one of those people who has been there and seen it all as far as the financial markets are concerned, but he has led more than one company through a successful period in terms of their profits and growth. It will be interesting to see what career moves he makes in the coming years, especially with the economy being in the position that it is in right now.

Even though he has worked in many positions and at many companies, Goldring is most famous for the work that he did for AGF Management Limited. He joined the company in the 1990s, was made President in 1997 and eventually rose to the position of CEO and then Chairman in 2000 and 2006. During the time that he spent at the company, they went from being a somewhat known local player to one of the leading financial management companies in the world. They had interests not only in Canada but in the United States, Europe and even parts of Asia.

Blake Goldring Toronto

While everyone who was employed at AGF during those years did some excellent work, it is fair to say that Goldring deserves a lot of the credit for how the company turned out. Blake Goldring Toronto is one of those names that you simply have to know if you are involved in the financial world, because his story is the story of how you can find success with a company in finance without taking excessive risks or breaking the rules. He knew when to play it safe, but he also knew when the market was ripe for making his business a profit!